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the Italy'90 game fan-page!
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This page rocks!

Welcome to the one and only Italy'90 game fan-site!

This game is t3h 1337 r0x0rZ b'cause it is from Italy'90!!! It's only the best football game wich is acctually FUN to play in multyplayer. With smooth animations and colorful grafix! it is the good best there is can UNIVERSE!!

Take your time while chekin' out the web-informational-site-of-us.


Thes start screen!!
TEST MATCH 2P will appear automatically if 2 people enter the room for FUN GREATNESSNESS!!!

Why this is the best game ever:

It's freaking Italy'90!!!
It's for SEGA!!!
It's multiplayer goodNESSness!!!

As featured on Wikipedia!!